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Application of PCB circuit board in medical industry


Electronic products have made a huge contribution to the healthcare industry as diagnostic, monitoring and treatment equipment. The medical applications of these electronic devices continue to develop with the development of electronic technology, becoming more efficient and dense, leading to infinite new possibilities.

  The core of these medical devices is the PCB. PCBs in the medical industry are highly specialized to adapt to the unique constraints of medical devices. In many medical applications, a small package is required to meet the size requirements of implants or emergency room monitors. Therefore, medical PCBs are often special high-density interconnect PCBs, also known as HDI PCBs. Medical PCBs can also be made of flexible substrates, allowing the PCB to bend during use, which is essential for both internal and external medical equipment.

   Due to the health effects associated with it, the standard for medical PCBs is higher than most other PCB types. Repeatability and reliability are the two basic elements that medical PCB suppliers must achieve, in addition to complying with strict medical regulations.




The development of medical PCB applications is as fast as the medical device industry itself. Some of the most common medical PCB applications include:

  •Monitor: Personal and medical monitors contain PCBs, including blood glucose monitors, heart rate and blood pressure monitors, etc.

  •Scanning technology: CT scanners and ultrasound technology usually use PCB-based electronic equipment.

  •Control system: The equipment that controls fluid infusion, flow and distribution is electronically controlled.

  •Internal devices: Pacemakers and similar internal medical devices maintain the health of patients through tiny PCBs in their centers.

  •Scientific Instruments: Medical research uses many scientific instruments to study diseases and test the results of patients. These include electron microscopes, photometers and control systems for generators and compressors.

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