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Weienchen Technology Provides SMT Mounting Services for Shengte Semiconductor


Semtech is a high-quality supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products. It has been cooperating with Weienchen for 7 years, mainly providing SMT patch services, and the solution is for wireless charging.


Semtech is committed to providing proprietary solutions and breakthrough power management, circuit protection technology, timing and synchronization, touch interface, video broadcasting, high-performance optical transmission equipment (SERDES), high-reliability military products, and low power consumption Wireless radio frequency, digital sensor, signal conditioning circuit. Our products are used in some of the most innovative systems and some of the fastest growing markets in the industry. These markets include smart phones, LCD TVs, notebook computers, wireless modems, automatic meter reading, ultra-low-power medical, satellite communications, cellular infrastructure, optical transmission and data centers.

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