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Analysis of LGA assembly process in PCBA processing

source:Weienchen News release time:2021-04-26 Article author:Victoria Popular:pcb

In addition to the conventional components in PCB processing, we often encounter some special components, especially the iterative update of new products in recent years, and there are also many devices that are introduced and new, such as today’s protagonist LGA.

1. Background

LGA, that is, no solder ball array package, similar to BGA, but without solder balls.

2. Process characteristics

For bottom surface-end package, the distance between the bottom of the package and the PCB surface (Stand-off) is very small after soldering, generally only 15-25um, and the flux residue will often bridge. At the same time, the solvent in the flux for PCB patch processing is generally not easy to volatilize, forming a viscous shape instead of a general solid state. Since most of the solvents in the flux use alcoholic organic compounds, which have hydrophilic characteristics, if there is a bias voltage between adjacent pads, it may leak.

LGA components


3. Assembly process

Generally, the center-to-center distance of the LGA pads is relatively large, and the 1.27mm design is mostly adopted. The key to the Smt soldering process is to ensure that the flux activator is completely volatilized and decomposed. Therefore, a longer preheating time, a higher soldering peak temperature, and a longer soldering time should be used.

Long heating time: designed to completely volatilize the solvent in the flux.

High welding peak temperature and long welding time: aiming to make the activator decompose completely or volatilize completely.

4. Design

It is recommended to use solder mask to define the pad design, which helps to ensure the separation of the solder around the LGA pad.

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