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PCB circuit board gold finger recognition method

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  The so-called circuit board gold finger refers to a row of equidistantly arranged square pads, exposed copper and gold-plated. It is mostly used for electrical connection pins for board cards, LCD connections, motherboards, chassis, etc., because the copper foil nickel-plated layer is plated with a thin layer of gold.

PCB circuit board gold finger recognition method(图1)

  One, the definition and function of the gold finger of the PCB circuit board:

  Golden Finger: (GoldFinger or EdgeConnector) Insert one end of the PCB circuit board into the connector card slot, and use the connector pin as the outlet of the circuit board to connect to the outside, so that the pad or copper skin is in contact with the pin at the corresponding position. To achieve the purpose of conduction, and plate this pad or copper on the PCB board with nickel and gold, because it is in the shape of a finger, it is called a gold finger. The reason why gold is selected is because of its superior conductivity and oxidation resistance. .But because of the extremely high cost of gold, it is only used for partial gilding such as gold fingers.

  Double-sided circuit board gold finger plus plating hole filling

  Two, circuit board gold finger classification and identification characteristics

  The gold finger classification of the circuit board:

  1. Conventional gold finger (flush finger);

  2. Segmented cheats (intermittent cheats);

  3. Long and short golden fingers (ie uneven golden fingers).

  Gold finger circuit boards of different lengths

  1. Conventional gold fingers (flush fingers): rectangular pads with the same length and width are arranged neatly at the edge of the board. The picture below shows: network cards, graphics cards and other types of physical objects, with more gold fingers. Some small boards have fewer gold fingers ;

  2. Segmented golden fingers (intermittent golden fingers): rectangular pads with different lengths located on the edge of the board, and the front section is disconnected;

  3. Long and short golden fingers (ie uneven golden fingers): rectangular pads with different lengths located on the edge of the board.

  PCB circuit board gold finger

  Features: No character frame and marking, conventional solder mask opening window. Most shapes have grooves. The gold fingers protrude from the edge of the board, or are close to the edge of the board. Some boards have gold fingers at both ends. Normal gold fingers are on both sides Yes, some PCB circuit boards have only single-sided gold fingers. Some circuit boards have a wide single gold finger.

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