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Weienchen undertakes one-stop service for PCBA processing in the medical industry


Nowadays, the use of artificial intelligence is gradually entering the medical field. For example, some medical institutions are beginning to use new medical techniques such as guidance robots, cloud doctors, and voice electronic medical records for patients. A batch of provincial and municipal-level artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatments have been established indirectly. Some hospitals and clinics in remote areas can quickly get responses as long as they transmit patient case data online to the middle. Corresponding to this is the emergence of a number of high-tech medical companies-data shows that there are now 139 related companies involved in artificial intelligence medical care in China. The use of artificial intelligence doctors need to design a reasonable plan of pcba processing, to develop and use in the country in the future.



The advantages of using artificial intelligence techniques in the medical industry are self-evident. For patients, highly intelligent medical premises make it easier to see a doctor, and can also significantly reduce medical costs and burdens; for doctors, artificial intelligence techniques can greatly reduce doctors’ errors due to objective judgments or manipulation deviations, and Diagnosis is more accurate. Nowadays, the diagnosis of certain diseases by computers has reached the level of experts, and even "surpassed from behind." Some research shows that artificial intelligence algorithms based on machine learning can identify the symptoms of skin cancer based on the patient's image results, and the recognition rate is higher than that of doctors. The recognition rate of artificial intelligence is also higher than that of cardiologists in terms of detecting heart rhythm through analysis of electrocardiogram.

 Some data believe that as the use of artificial intelligence gradually matures, a trillion-level artificial intelligence asset is on paper. The expression of the capital market seems to confirm this conclusion, and some companies that focus on the concept of "artificial intelligence + medical" are highly concerned by investors. At the same time, some people in the industry are also worried that these investments will undoubtedly ignite a "virtual fire" at the vent, which is not conducive to the long-term growth of the industry.

In today's era, the use of artificial intelligence in the medical and health field is still in the initial stage of simple integration. There are many barriers in order to fully land. For example, in the medical field, "data islands" continue to exist. When using artificial intelligence techniques in the medical industry, data processing is the crux of the problem. At the technical level, the current use of artificial intelligence skills is mostly based on the analysis of image materials and data. However, it is still a technical difficulty for artificial intelligence to complete accurate diagnosis and treatment through indirect warfare and interactive communication with patients. At the same time, the spread of "artificial intelligence + medical treatment" is also facing a series of achievements such as the establishment of industry standards, the integrity of the regulatory system, and the updating of social concepts.

At present, the uneven distribution of medical costs in China has not yet been basically handled, and most of the excellent diagnosis and treatment costs are combined in the top three medical institutions and the economically developed regions in the east. And artificial intelligence technology makes high-precision long-distance diagnosis and treatment a reality, helps to balance medical costs, and is of great significance to many people who are difficult and expensive to see a doctor. At the same time, the statement in the declaration of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on "implementing the healthy China strategy" has also brought great belief in the intelligent growth of the medical and healthcare industry. In this case, the "artificial intelligence + medical" property that is in the "wind" should seize the opportunity, lay a solid foundation, and practice internal skills first to prevent short-term profit-driven conceptual hype. As long as this is the case, the ability to let The advancement and growth of medical and health properties has been steady and far-reaching.

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