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Weienchen provides PCBA one-stop service for smart home customers


With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, high-tech products such as laser are slowly integrated into our lives. The application range of lasers is very wide. The application industries include scientific and technological intelligence, medical cosmetology, industrial control, communication transmission and other fields. We are familiar with: optical fiber communication, laser spectroscopy, laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser beauty, laser scanning anchor and so on. I believe many colleagues know the role of lasers. The following product is an industrial-grade nanosecond laser of a customer of our company.

    Based on the laser industry needs and the customer’s own business management blueprint, the customer finally decided to choose Jingbang for SMT chip manufacturing after being selected by many PCBA suppliers. Due to the complex and complicated production of industrial-grade nanosecond lasers The process is difficult. In order to solve the problem, Jingbang all employees participate in the strengthening of production management, thereby improving the overall production capacity and PCBA delivery issues.

Customer demand: A more complete PCBA production management and material control system is needed to realize the production of its industrial-grade nanosecond lasers.

1. Real-time information traceability of orders during the production process, including personnel, equipment, materials, and technology;

2. Material quality inspection information and results, including yield, through rate, defect analysis, etc.;

3. The whole process from pcb to pcba inspection;

4. First piece performance test.


In view of the perfect production management system of Weienchen, the quality of industrial-grade nanosecond lasers is guaranteed during the smt patch production process. The mature PCBA one-stop service brings great benefits to customers, and customers also I firmly believe that our experience in smt patch processing can bring him long-term value.

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