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Select high-quality suppliers, strict quality inspection

Select high-quality components and solder paste brand suppliers to ensure that all materials are qualified and meet customer requirements

High-quality solder paste

It is always required to purchase high-quality solder paste for production, such as Senju Alpha (alpha), Henkel Loctite (loctite) and other well-known brands, which can also be produced with uneven surfaces.

Reliable electronic components

Massive brands, massive spot inventory, one-stop order distribution service, one-stop original authentic supplier


Accumulated experience in the past two decades

Created an excellent engineering quality team and production personnel


Internationally leading processing and testing equipment at home and abroad

Production and testing equipment imported from the United States, Italy, Japan and other countries have helped us improve our manufacturing and testing capabilities

High precision:Under 4G acceleration operation, the solder paste printed out can be completely matched with the pad

Fast processing:Free 24-hour steel mesh opening time and 10 minutes programming, which can save customers 150 times of time

Personalized customization:The thickness of the solder paste can be programmed manually, if you want to be thick, you can be thick, and if you want to be thin, you can thin


150 double



Quality assurance

function test:Strict product function testing according to customer requirements

Quality assurance:Ensure customer product features to satisfy customers


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Service Guarantee

service hours:7*24 hours online service

Quick response:Customer service responds quickly within 2 hours

Warranty time:Free maintenance for PCBA processing for 90 days





Honorary certification

Complete process quality system and various product certifications