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Conventional PCB board HDI PCB Metal base PCB High frequency PCB FPC flexible PCB Soft and hard PCB PCBA assembly SMT
ProjectBatch processing capacitySample processing capability
Huo Fu (maximum)2-22
FR-4, high TG sheet, aluminum base sheet
Sheet typeRogers, etc PTFE, BTE-65 ct ect
Board mixed seat4 floors-6 floors8 layers (FR-4+ogers)
biggest size400mm X 700mm500mm X 1000mm??
Overall dimension tolerance±0.13mm±0.10mm
V-CUT depth tolerance+/- 0.15 mm (V-CUT) :+/- 0.1 mm (CNC V-CUT)
Thickness of the board0.1mm--6.00mm6.0mm--8.00mm
Board thickness tolerance (t20.8mm)±8%±5%
Board thickness tolerance (t<0.8mm)±10%±8%
Intermediate thickness (minimum)0.065(RCC65T)0.05mm
Smallest gland0.075mm(3mil)0.063mm(2.5mil)
Minimum green distance0.075mm(3mil)0.063mm(2.5mil)
Gland to slander distance0.2 mm(CNC) :0.30 mm (Beer board):0.50 mm (V-CUT)
Outer Cuo Copper Thickness9um - 140um175um--210um
Inner Cuo Copper Thickness9um - 140um175um--210um
Aperture of hole0.25mm--6.00mm0.15mm--0.25mm
Hole diameter (building machinery 2)0.1mm--6.00mm0.05mm--0.1mm
Aperture tolerance (floor machinery two)+/- 0.076 mm (regular hole): +/- 0.05 mm (NPTH t and crimp hole): +0.1/-0.05 mm (piper hole)
Hole position tolerance (mold machine o)+/-0.075mm: (drilling): +/- 0.10 mm (punching)0.050mm
Laser o hole hole capture0.10mm0.075mm
Plate thickness aperture ratio10:1 (minimum drilling hole diameter is greater than 0.2MM)12:1 (minimum drilling hole diameter is greater than 0.25MM)
Solder mask down typePhotosensitive green, yellow, black, matte green, blue, red ink, and peelable blue glue.
The smallest solder mask0.10mm0.075mm (partial)
Minimum solder mask male isolation ring0.05mm0.025mm (partial)
Plug hole diameter0.25mm--0.60mm0.60mm-0.70mm
Impedance tolerance±10% (impedance>50ohm);±5ohm(impedance<50ohm)±5%? (impedance>50ohm)
SuperficialHot air leveling, electroplating of nickel gold (soft gold), thick (hard) gold, electroless nickel gold, immersion tin, lead-free tin spray, gold finger, Entek, and selective surface treatment