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Weienchen provides one-stop PCBA processing services for customers in the electrical and electrical industry (intelligent correction equipment)


The intelligent correction system applied in the electrical and electronic industries is a complex and important production auxiliary system, which is widely used in printing, packaging, papermaking, film, tire rubber, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, wire and cable industries. The core module of its products is It is composed of intelligent tension control system and magnetic powder clutch. Among them, the ultra-high performance digital data information processor (DSP) and the stable closed-loop servo motor power control transformer are the core of the system. The digital signal processor (DSP) and the closed-loop servo motor must ensure high stability and high reliability in the process of automatically preventing and correcting materials in the transmission process. Therefore, compared with ordinary transformers, the converter transformer has to withstand the AC stress and the larger component of the DC stress during operation. It has higher requirements for structural design, insulation configuration, and intelligent control. This is especially true for flow transformers. Then the "brain" of the intelligent correction system is the top priority of all performance guarantees.

To this end, a customer of our company in the production of intelligent correction equipment to ensure that the intelligent controller can be efficient, stable and reliable, and under the trust of Weienchen’s professional customized PCBA one-stop, from pcb manufacturing, components on behalf of procurement , SMT patch processing is one-stop processing and manufacturing by our company,


With the support and hard work of the company's strong engineering team, we have overcome difficulties and worked hard to efficiently and successfully complete the production tasks of the core circuit boards of the customer's new model of intelligent correction system. The products have been listed and have been widely praised in the market.


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