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PCB application

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  PCB application(图1)

  3C products such as computers and related products, communication products and consumer electronics are the main application areas of PCB. According to data released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), global consumer electronics sales in 2011 will reach 964 billion US dollars, an increase of 10%. The 2011 figure was closer to $1 trillion. China Eastern said the biggest demand came from smartphones and laptops, with other best-selling products including digital cameras and LCD TVs.

  cell phone

  According to the latest market research report released by Markets and Markets, the global mobile phone market will increase to US$341.4 billion in 2015, of which the sales revenue of smartphones will reach US$258.9 billion, accounting for 76% of the total mobile phone market revenue; % market share to occupy the global mobile phone market.

  iPhone 4 PCB adopts Any Layer HDI board, any layer of high-density connection board. In order to install all the chips on the front and back of the iPhone 4 in a small PCB area, the Any Layer HDI board can avoid the waste of space caused by machines or drilling, and achieve the purpose of any layer. Open.

  touch panel

  With the global popularity of iPhone and iPad and the popularity of multi-touch applications, it is expected that the touch trend will become the next growth driver of FPC. DisplaySearch expects tablet touchscreen shipments to reach 260 million units in 2016, a 333 percent increase from 2011.


  Gartner analysts pointed out that notebooks have been the growth engine of the PC market for the past five years, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 40%. Based on expectations of weak demand for notebook computers, Gartner predicts that worldwide PC shipments will reach 387.8 million units in 2011 and 440.6 million units in 2012, a 13.6 percent increase over 2011. In 2011, mobile computer sales, including tablets, will reach $220 billion, while desktop sales will reach $96 billion, bringing total PC sales to $316 billion, the CEA said.

  Officially released on March 3, 2011, the iPad 2 will use 4th-level Any Layer HDI in the PCB manufacturing process. The Any Layer HDI adopted by Apple's iPhone 4 and iPad 2 will trigger a boom in the industry. It is expected that Any Layer HDI will be applied to more and more high-end mobile phones and tablet computers in the future.


  According to DIGITIMES Research, global e-book shipments are expected to reach 28 million in 2013, with a compound annual growth rate of 386% from 2008 to 2013. Analysis pointed out that by 2013, the global e-book market will reach 300 million US dollars. The design trend of e-book PCB boards: first, the number of layers needs to be increased; the second is to use blind buried via technology; the third is to use PCB substrates suitable for high-frequency signals.

  digital camera

  iSuppli said that production of digital cameras will begin to stall in 2014 as the market becomes saturated. Shipments are expected to drop 0.6% to 135.4 million units in 2014, as low-end digital cameras face stiff competition from camera phones. But growth is still possible in some areas of the industry, such as hybrid high-definition (HD) cameras, future 3D cameras, and higher-end cameras such as digital single-lens reflex (DSLR). Other growth areas for digital cameras include integrating features such as GPS and Wi-Fi, increasing their appeal and potential for everyday use. To promote the further improvement of the soft board market, in fact, any light, thin and short electronic products have a very strong demand for soft boards.


  Market research firm DisplaySearch expects global LCD TV shipments to reach 215 million units in 2011, an increase of 13 percent year-on-year. In 2011, as manufacturers gradually replace LCD TV backlight sources, LED backlight modules will gradually become the mainstream. The technical trends brought to the LED heat dissipation substrate: First, the heat dissipation substrate with high heat dissipation and precise size; Second, strict circuit alignment accuracy, high-quality metal circuit adhesion; High Power.

  LED lighting

  Analysts from DIGITIMES Research pointed out that in response to the ban on the production and sales of incandescent lamps in 2012, the shipments of LED bulbs will increase significantly in 2011, and the output value is expected to be as high as 8 billion US dollars. Driven by the implementation of subsidy policies for green products such as LED lighting, and the strong willingness to replace LED lighting in stores, shops, and factories, the global LED lighting market penetration rate is likely to exceed 10% in terms of output value. The LED lighting that took off in 2011 will surely drive a large demand for aluminum substrates.

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