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What is a PCB and its composition?Tantalum capacitor PCB Wholesale

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What is a PCB and its composition?Tantalum capacitor PCB Wholesale(图1)

  PCB is an abbreviation for Printed Circuit Board in English, also known as Printed Circuit Board or Printed Circuit Board in Chinese. It is an important electronic component. It is a provider of electrical connections for electronic components.

  A PCB starts with the most basic unit: the substrate, which consists of several layers, each layer playing an important role in the functionality of the final PCB. These alternate layers include:

  Substrate: This is the basic material of PCB. It makes the PCB rigid.

  Copper: Add a thin layer of conductive copper foil to each functional surface of the PCB - on one side if it is a single-sided PCB, and on both sides if it is a double-sided PCB. This is the copper wiring layer.

  Solder resistance layer: The top of the copper layer is the solder resistance layer, which gives each PCB a unique green color. It unintentionally contacts the copper trace with other conductive materials that may cause short circuits. In other words, solder keeps everything in place. The holes in the solder mask layer are the places where solder is applied to connect components to the circuit board. The solder mask layer is a key step in the smooth manufacturing of PCBA, as it can prevent welding on unnecessary components and avoid short circuits.

  Silk screen: White silk screen is the last layer on the PCB board. This layer adds labels in the form of characters and symbols on the PCB. This helps to indicate the functionality of each component on the dashboard.

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