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Method for saving PCB manufacturing cost

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PCBA production cost has always been a major link in the total cost of electronic equipment, because it is the core component of electronic equipment, and the cost is also very large in terms of program design and development cycle, so how to choose a method to save PCBA manufacturing and processing costs It is very important for customers.

As a Shenzhen smt chip processing manufacturer that has been established for more than ten years, we have started from the initial contract manufacturing of only some products to today’s SMT chip processing. We have some insights on the cost control of the entire process. This opportunity to share with our customers briefly:

1. For SMT chip processing in small batches, you can choose a professional proofing manufacturer. The ancients said: "There is a sequence to hear the truth, and there is a specialization in the art industry." Then each manufacturer has its own position. If the quantity is not large, try to choose a professional to do proofing, which is fast, efficient, and has an advantage in price.

2. Choose futures suppliers as much as possible for the purchase of components, or understand clearly when connecting with pcba manufacturers, whether their procurement channels are based on spot or futures. If it is for futures, the purchase price of the whole batch will be lower. Although the spot price is very fast, the price will be higher.


3. The choice of PCB light board manufacturing process. At present, the price of mainstream FR-4 immersion gold plate/gold-plated plate is different. If the engineering process does not have special requirements, you should choose conventional materials as much as possible in the selection of materials, for example: Rogers substrates, not only need to be one month in advance Make reservations, and the later processing requirements and costs are much higher.

4. Evaluation of assembly and test links. Many factories charge a separate fee for assembly and testing, and some are converted into processing fees. As far as we know, many Guangzhou smt chip processing manufacturers operate in this way. You must understand clearly when signing the contract.

The above points are the main links for saving costs, and there are many auxiliary material links that can also be considered, but the quality of auxiliary materials is still very critical. You should pay attention to this.

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