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The main core point of SMT process

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Among SMT manufacturers, especially those with PCB labor and materials, if they can manage all the production processes in production, they can provide customers with high-quality products. But after removing some factors, we have also sorted out the main problems in smt patch processing. Among them, the main issues that have been paid attention to are virtual soldering, bridging, less tin, displacement and excess.


And these undesirable phenomena that often occur in the processing process are mainly related to the solder paste printing process, the printing quality, the design of the stencil, whether the design of the PCB pad meets the standard, and the temperature curve setting of the reflow soldering of the patch process. Direct relationship, when we analyze deeply, it can be said that these processes are all related. If the ultimate goal of improving smt is to obtain high-quality solder joints, then this process is the core of smt.

The SMT process is divided according to the main process of the company. Generally, it can be divided into process research and design, process trial production and process control when researching the above problems. Its core development goal is to design a suitable amount of solder paste and consistent printing deposition. , To reduce open soldering, bridging, less tin and displacement, so as to obtain the expected stable solder joint quality.

In each business, there is a set of process control points, among which pad design, stencil design, solder paste printing and PCB support are the key points for process control.

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